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"Your book gave me the incentive to keep pushing through, not only with my company but with life as well. Your speaking and seminars are some of the most influential that I have ever sat through and left me always wanting more." More..

Erin Yarbro, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
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3 Remarkable Things You Didn't Know About George Washington. (Craig's blog)

Most of us know the story about George Washington, who at the age of six, was given a new hatchet and proceeded to chop up everything in sight. This included his dad’s favorite, young, English cherry tree. When George’s father asked if he knew who had killed the tree, young George bravely fessed up.

You’ve probably also heard about Washington’s incredibly dramatic crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas night in 1776. His carefully prepared surprise attack on approximately 1400 Hessian soldiers (German mercenaries) in and around Trenton, New Jersey took place on an absolutely miserable night. Washington and his soldiers endured freezing temperatures and a Nor’easter that lashed them with sleet and snow as they crossed the ice-choked river. Then the troops marched 10 miles to Trenton to arrive for the successful pre-dawn attack. It was the first real military victory for the Colonial Army, which was in desperate need of one. 

But what is more remarkable than Washington’s victory at Trenton is the fact that at least twice, he single-handedly saved the revolution. Following the battle at Trenton, many soldiers were ready to leave the army because their enlistments were up. They were done. They had experienced tremendous hardships, sacrificed for the colonies, and were prepared to return to civilian life. (Read more)

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