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What Would You Do?

Posted by Craig Huntington
Craig Huntington
Craig Huntington received his Bachelor of Science degree in business from Oregon
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on Wednesday, 21 December 2016
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Imagine it’s Black Friday. You’re on a mission to knock out a sizable chunk of your holiday shopping responsibilities. You’re moving quickly through stores, laser-focused, scoping the sale items in your field of vision so that your brain can process each durable good on a scale of likability and appropriateness for each of the family members, friends and colleagues who need gifts from you.


The big box store you’re in is vibrating. People are talking loud, moving with a purpose, and are mostly consumed with accomplishing their retail objectives. And then, you see her.


In the midst of everything that is Black Friday, a woman in her 30s is sitting on the corner of some product display, and she’s crying. Actually, her emotion is more raw and unrestrained than that; she is sobbing uncontrollably.


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