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What a D This Guy Is.

Posted by Craig Huntington
Craig Huntington
Craig Huntington received his Bachelor of Science degree in business from Oregon
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on Monday, 27 March 2017
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I’d just finished a speaking engagement to a terrific HOA group, and was having dinner with a couple of the seminar attendees. The presentation on communication, one of my favorites, was entitled How to Make Your Words Count, and the dinner chat was a continuation of that theme.


One of my companions shared a story about his former boss, a relationship-challenged gentleman who decided it was a good idea to have all of his employees take the DISC personal assessment. The DISC tool uses four different behavioral categories (Dominance-D, Influence-I, Steadiness-S and Conscientiousness-C) to identify an individual’s natural and adapted behaviors. While the assessment was initially created for enhanced self-awareness, today it’s often used to help evaluate job candidates by shedding light on how their personality type might fit within an organization or how an individual might perform in a certain role.


So, the boss man instructed his team to take the DISC assessment. He informed them that they would be sharing the results of their assessments in a group meeting – with the stated goal of better communication through greater understanding.


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