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"Your book gave me the incentive to keep pushing through, not only with my company but with life as well. Your speaking and seminars are some of the most influential that I have ever sat through and left me always wanting more." More..

Erin Yarbro, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Community Association Manager, President
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A Strand in the Web of Life. (Craig's blog)

I grew up in some of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring country on earth in America's Northwest. I doubt there are many people who have a greater appreciation for protecting the environment than I do.

So, when President Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord a couple of weeks ago, and the media went nuts (surprise, surprise), I thought back to my college days in Corvallis, Oregon. Back then, the Willamette River smelled so bad, you didn't even want to get close to it. Today, you can drink straight out of it. 

SThe fact is, the United States is already a global leader in maintaining a clean environment and setting greenhouse gas emission standards. Our nation doesn't need to turn over trillions in taxpayer dollars as payola for other nations to "agree" in principle to reduce emissions – while China and India continue to treat the environment as their personal toilet in order to produce cheap goods that undermine the US economy. (Read more)

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